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What is Botox®?

Botox® is a very diluted form of the botulinum protein. Since its inception, many people have taken advantage of the wonders of Botox® without any long-term negative effects. Additionally, very few people report short-term complications. It is a safe and effective way to remove unsightly aging lines on your forehead, crows’ feet around your eyes, and vertical wrinkles on your upper lip. Botox® is not a permanent solution. You will require follow-up visits about three to six months apart to keep the wrinkles from reappearing. Fortunately, if you aren’t satisfied with the results, you will see them fade in this time period. Not following up on your appointments will not have adverse effects on your face.

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Does Botox® hurt?

Our experts deliver Botox® by a quick injection right in our office. If you can handle a doctor’s shot, you can handle Botox®. Best of all – there is a very short recovery time. Most people return to the rest of their day right after treatment!

How Does Botox® Work?

A Botox® injection relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles in your skin without interfering with your natural facial expressions. You’ll notice a dramatic improvement in your appearance within two to seven days. You may experience some mild discomfort when we administer the injections. Some patients report some slight bruising or slight soreness a few days after the treatment.

How Long Does The Botox® Treatment Last?

Eventually, the treatment will wear off, requiring you to receive additional injections. Typically, the treatment lasts for three months but can last for up to six months for some patients.

We’ll Provide You with That Winning Smile!